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Skin sensitisation training workshop: “Moving forward with non-animal testing strategies”

A joint initiative of Cefic-LRI and EPAA

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EPAA 8th Annual conference

"Development and Implementation of 3R methodologies through International Cooperation"

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14th Cefic-LRI Annual Workshop 2012

“Evolution or Revolution? What Research Priorities for Future Risk Assessment?”

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Joint Information Day on Organotypic 3D Cell Culture Models and Engineered Tissues

This information day will focus on the applicability of 3D systems to model human physiology and pathophysiology with particular focus on toxicological risk assessment. The systems presented will include hepatic, neuronal, lung and skin models. Besides an in-depth discussion of […]

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The European Society of Toxicology in Vitro 2012 International Conference ESTIV2012

Covering cutting-edge topics such as systemic, local and developmental toxicity with emphasis on physiologically relevant markers, marker profiles, molecular mechanisms and pathways

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Cefic Training on the Advanced REACH Tool (ART)

A one-day training on the Advanced REACH Tool (ART) - a Cefic initiative

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IVTIP Spring Meeting 2012: “Safety Assessment on Nanomaterials: current status and challenges ahead”

A one-day workshop focussing on the safety assessment of nanomaterials, hosted by Gaiker, an IVTIP member company

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LRI B4-INTERA Stakeholder Workshop

The B4 INTERA project is holding a free workshop on the 18th November 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.

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13th Cefic-LRI Annual Workshop 2011

“Optimizing resource and knowledge in risk assessment”

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EPAA 2011 Annual Conference

"Integrating testing strategies (ITS) and their impact on 3Rs"

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