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Tom Burns

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Tom R. Burns is Professor Emeritus at the Department of Sociology, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden and Visiting Scholar at Stanford University (2004-2008). Burns has published more than 10 books and numerous articles in the areas of the sociology of technology and environment, governance and politics, administration and management, and the analysis of markets and market regulation. He has also published extensively on social theory and methodology, with a focus on the new institutional theory, generalized game theory, and socio-cultural evolutionary theory. Among his books are Man, Decisions, Society (1985), The Shaping of Socio-economic Systems (1986), Creative Democracy (1988), Societal Decision-making: Democratic Challenges to State Technocracy (1992), Municipal Entrepreneurship and Energy Policy: A Five Nation Study of Politics, Innovation, and Social Change (1994), Transitions to Alternative Energy Systems: Entrepreneurs, New Technologies, and Social Change (1984), The Shaping of Social Organization: Social Rule System Theory and Its Applications (1987).

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