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Addressing microplastic risk assessment: where next?

Plastic pollution has been an area of growing public concern in recent years. Plastics and, in particular, microplastic pollution have been making headlines around the world and policymakers and regulators are increasing activity in this area. But what is the […]

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Cefic-LRI to invest €100,000 into better testing methods for persistent chemicals

20 November 2019, Brussels – Dr Karolina Nowak, Researcher in the Division of Geobiotechnology in the Technical University of Berlin, Germany, was awarded the €100,000 LRI Innovative Science Award, one of Europe’s largest research grants for early career scientists, during […]

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Just published: ‘Applying non-animal strategies for assessing skin sensitisation’ report

‘Applying non-animal strategies for assessing skin sensitisation’ report from EPAA, Cefic LRI and IFRA Europe cross sector workshop is now available online, containing full bibliographic details. The workshop took place on 7-8 February 2019, in Helsinki, Finland, and was hosted […]

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21st Annual LRI Workshop and Innovative Science Award Ceremony

The 21st Annual Cefic-LRI Workshop & Innovative Science Award Ceremony will be held on 20-21 November 2019, at the Steigenberger Wiltcher’s Hotel, in Brussels, Belgium. Join us to hear all about the latest developments from LRI-funded breakthrough research in chemical […]

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Cefic-LRI grant applications: deadline 01 September 2019

The Long-range Research Initiative (LRI) programme of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) is now accepting grant applications to carry out research in the following areas: LRI-B22: Human Exposure Assessment Framework for Complex Substances LRI-B23: Optimizing the benefit of REACH […]

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Cefic-LRI Toolbox: Online Solutions to Chemical Risk Assessment

Cefic’s Long Range Research Initiative (LRI) has developed numerous quality-assured databases and key prediction tools. As part of LRI’s 20 years anniversary, this online toolbox has been revamped. The toolbox provides European and national regulatory agencies, industry and academia with […]

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Joint efforts of the industry to progress research on microplastics to be presented at SETAC in Helsinki

There are still many knowledge gaps around the scientific understanding of the impacts of microplastics on aquatic and terrestrial populations and ecosystems. ICCA, Cefic-LRI and ECETOC work together to improve knowledge and data quality on these topics. Their common initiatives […]

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EPAA launches ‘Refinement Prize 2019’ and ‘3Rs Student Grants’

The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA) has launched calls for submissions for its ‘Refinement Prize 2019’ and ‘3Rs Student Grants’.

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Cefic-LRI grants 600K€ to European universities for microplastic research

With increasing public and regulatory concern regarding microplastics in the environment, research is becoming more prevalent. Currently, there is limited knowledge of the fate and transport of microplastics, which limits the ability to perform environmental risk assessments for these substances. […]

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Applying non-animal strategies for assessing skin sensitization

EPAA, Cefic-LRI and IFRA Europe convened relevant industry and EU Members State regulatory agencies to discuss the progress made in applying non-animal testing strategies for assessing skin sensitisation, at training workshop hosted by ECHA, in Helsinki, on February 7th and […]

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