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EMSG24: Environmental Oestrogens and the Neuro-Endocrine Regulation of Reproduction of Fish

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Henk Goos
University of Utrecht
Padualaan, 8 - De Uithof
NL - 8385 Utrecht


Prof. John Sumpter - Brunel University


The aim of the study was to study neuro-endocrine regulation, particularly the brain-pituitary-gonad (BPG) axis, 3 freshwater fish species (catfish, trout and tilapia) exposed to 4-nonyl phenol (4-NP) or oestradiol (EE). The research also sought to establish an immortalised gonadotroph cell line for use in in vitro studies. The research was conducted in 3 laboratories – at the University of Brunel, University of Utrecht and University of Tel Aviv – and organised via the University of Utrecht. 

Related Publications

CA Harris, EM Santos, A Janbakhsh, TG Pottinger, CR Tyler, JP Sumpter, Nonylphenol affects gonadotropin levels in the pituitary gland and plasma of female rainbow trout, Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 200135, 2909-2916.

Timeline: January 1998 > July 2001

LRI funding: €50,000


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