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EMSG58-MNEGRI: Human adverse health effects of endocrine active substances: assessment of the quality of individual epidemiological studies and of the overall mechanistic and epidemiologic evidence

Principal Investigator

Dr Carlo La Vecchia
Department of Epidemiology
Via G. La Masa, 19, 20156 Milan – Italy



Prof. Angelo Moretto, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Universití  degli Studi di Milano, Italy, angelo.moretto@unimi.it


The project’s objective is to develop a systematic evaluation scheme to assess the quality and reliability of the epidemiological evidence for endocrine active substances to exert adverse effects based on an endocrine mode of action. This scheme is then to be applied to studies and substances discussed in relevant international publications like ‘State of the Art Assessment of Endocrine Disruptors’ [Kortenkamp et al. 2011] and the ‘State of the science of endocrine disrupting chemicals’ [Bergman et al, 2013].

Based on this assessment the project should also make suggestions on how to use evidence from epidemiological studies in a weight of evidence assessment of endocrine mediated adverse effects from the exposure to chemicals.

Timeline: February 2014 > February 2016

LRI funding: € 194,400

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