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EMSG7: Screening Test in Fish – Aquatic Toxicity Project A

Principal Investigator

Dr. Tom Hutchinson
Brixham Environmental Laboratory
Freshwater Quarry
UK – TQ5 8BA Brixham
Tel: +44 1803 88 42 72
Fax: +44 1803 88 29 74


Participating Laboratories:
AstraZeneca, UK
Brunel University, UK
Schering, Germany
Shell, UK
University of Konstanz, Germany


An in vivo screening test for oestrogenicity was developed jointly by three laboratories by measuring vitellogenin in fathead minnows after up to 21 days exposure. This method will be further refined by determination of (anti-)androgens and aromatase inhibitors in the fish so as to widen the scope to other mode of action. This method will soon be validated with a further set of test compounds by Cefic/LRI-EMSG funded laboratories. The results of this ongoing work have been successful in helping the OECD in developing future fish test guidelines for assessing endocrine modulators.

Related Publications

GH Panter, TH Hutchinson, KS Hurd, A Sherren, RD Stanley, CR Tyler, Successful detection of (anti-)androgenic and aromatase inhibitors in pre-spawning adult fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) using easily measured endpoints of sexual development, Aquatic Toxicology 2004, 70, 11-21.

GH Panter, TH Hutchinson, R Länge, CM Lye, JP Sumpter, M Zerulla, CR Tyler, Utility of a juvenile fathead minnow screening assay for detecting (anti-)estrogenic substances, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2002, 21, 319-326.

Timeline: January 1998 > June 2003

LRI funding: €430,000

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