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N3-TNO: Testing and Assessment of Reproductive Toxicity of Nanomaterials

Principal Investigator

Dr. J.J.M. (Han) Van de Sandt
Utrechtseweg 48
P.O. Box 360
3700 AJ Zeist
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 306944619
Fax: +31 306944988


Dr. Robert Landsiedel, BASF, Germany


Nanomaterials form an important new class of technological materials that have numerous novel and useful properties. The expected growth in production and use of such materials increases the likelihood of human and environmental exposure. Evidence exists that children may be more vulnerable than adults as not all organ systems are fully developed at birth and biological barriers like e.g. the blood brain barrier, not completed. In order to standardize testing methods, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has developed Health Effects Test Guidelines (TG’s).

The overall objective of this proposal is to analyze the suitability of current OECD guidelines to assess reproductive toxicity of nanomaterials. Using two reference materials, present on the OECD list of’representative manufactured nanomaterials for testing’ (1), silicon dioxide and zinc oxide, the ability of current reproductive toxicity OECD guidelines to identify hazard associated with nanomaterials will be tested in this project. In order to achieve this overall objective, this three year project will:

– develop a testing strategy for nanomaterials and provide guidance on how to prepare and administer dosing material for reproductive toxicity studies;
– experimentally study reproductive toxicity of zinc oxide and silicon dioxide;
– review and advice on updating current OECD guidelines concerning reproductive toxicity.

Timeline: January 2010 > December 2012

LRI funding: €800,000

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