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FeDTex is an outcome of a Cefic LRI sponsored project on developing structure – and risk-based methods to identify endocrine disrupting chemicals under REACH, developed by Fraunhofer ITEM.

FeDTex enables the evaluation of reproductive toxicity data, in particular NOELs/LOELs on fertility and developmental effects. Affected parameters and effects are documented in relation to the development stage, gender and generation. FeDTex addresses reproductive toxicity including one-, two- and three-generational studies. It can be used as stand-alone database or in combination with RepDose to identify chemical structures responsible for specific effects on target organs.

For more information about – or access to – the FeDTex database, address your requests to info@repdose.de.


RepDose and FeDTex: Two databases focusing on systemic toxicity

RepDose and FeDTex: Two databases focusing on In Vivo toxicity: examples of application and combination

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