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ECEL 3.0 – Integrated Risk Management Measure Library

ECEL is a searchable library of occupational and environmental Risk Management Measures (RMM) that provides information on the effectiveness of control measures such as ventilation systems and containment of processes. This information is required for regulatory purposes to evaluate the operational conditions and to make up regulatory dossiers to predict occupational exposure levels and environmental concentrations to chemical substances.

When ECEL 3.0 is launched online with new up-to-date information, the tool will provide a suitable and stable software platform with various functionalities. For example, the tool facilitates the search and selection of exposure scenarios related to the RMM of interest. The library also applies a statistical method to estimate and visualize the effectiveness of control measures. No other publicly available tools will have the same coverage of underlying data and the unique user interface and functionalities to search for relevant information.


ECEL 3.0 will be released in August 2020.


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