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B24 – Modeling exposure and biodistribution of microplastic particles in the human body

Aim of this project is to develop a human exposure probabilistic modelling framework for microplastics, and to collect input data for scenario analyses and validation. The framework will be flexible so as to enable implementation of updates as key processes […]

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ECO61: HERA-MP – Establishment of a Holistic Environmental Risk Assessment for MicroPlastics in the terrestrial environment using the study of environmentally relevant particles

The objective of this proposal is to apply a number of OECD/ISO standardized effect test systems on several different types of MPs (WP2), including environmentally relevant MP as well as on a subset of different types of MPs of specific […]

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ECO59 : FRAGMENT-MNP: Developing a mechanistic model of Micro and NanoPlastic FRAGMentation in the ENvironmenT

The overarching objective of this project is to develop and deliver a pragmatic open-source mechanistic model of how environmental factors affect plastic fragmentation and degradation rates. The model will be applicable across a range of conditions in multiple environmental compartments. […]

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ECO58 : Comprehensive additive release and bioaccessibility model for risk assessment of micro- and nano-plastics in the environment

The ubiquitous occurrence of plastics in natural waters1, 2 is a consequence of vast and increasing utilization of synthetic polymers in commercial, industrial, and consumer applications. While the implications of continuous ecological exposure to plastic particles in the nano- to […]

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ECO57 : μPLANET – microPlastic Long-range transport Assessment aNd Estimation Tools

Recent research has highlighted the apparent ubiquity of plastic debris, including Microplastic Particles (MPs), across the planet and particularly in the oceans. The release of MPs to the environment represents a particular concern given their resistance to degradation. The continuous […]

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ECO56: UTOPIA: Development of a mUltimedia uniT world OPen-source model for mIcroplAstic

The main objective of UTOPIA is to develop an open-source unit world multimedia modeling platform to synthesize knowledge and understanding about the fate of microplastic in the environment. The UTOPIA project aims to deliver a general purpose open-source modeling platform […]

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ECO 55: Assessing the Impact of Sample Collection on Microbial Population and Validity Criteria in the OECD 309 Surface Water Mineralisation Test

This project will provide improved guidance on surface water sample collection, storage and treatment including a scientifically defensible maximum range between water source sampling and experimental temperature and a suite of quantitative and qualitative tests that further demonstrate inoculum viability […]

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ECO51 – SWiFT: Strengthening weight of evidence for FET data to replace acute fish toxicity

The use of fish embryo toxicity (FET) data for hazard assessments of chemicals, in place of acute fish toxicity (AFT) data, has long been the goal for many environmental scientists.

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B22 – TMEx-Complex: Tiered Methods for Quantifying Exposure to Complex Substances

Human exposure to chemicals is usually studied and understood in terms of the effect of a single pure chemical, but most humans are exposed to mixtures of chemicals. The project is focussed on determining how human exposure to chemicals is […]

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B18.2 – Incorporation of repeated dose study information for non-DNA-reactive carcinogens into the CPDB database and analysis of threshold values

This project is planned as extension of the project CEFIC LRI project B18, named “Database on Carcinogen Dose-response, including Information on DNA-reactivity, for TTC and beyond”, which is currently in its reporting phase. In this previous project, we updated the […]

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