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About Cefic-LRI - Our principles

Committed to a duty of care, and open and transparent product stewardship

The LRI programme is part of the industry’s commitment to Responsible Care®, a global initiative to improve health, environmental performance, enhance security, and to communicate with stakeholders about products and processes. It is governed by the following principles:

  • Scientific Excellence: Prioritising research that applies the most rigorous scientific principles.
  • Open Process, Results and Action: Open and transparent processes and timely publication of results, allowing industry will act in a timely and appropriate manner.
  • Fair and Unbiased Conduct: Sponsors may not influence the conduct of research, which will be carried out in a fair and unbiased manner that prevents conflicts of interest and protects against bias in decision making. Proprietary and intellectual property information will be protected.
  • Chemical Industry Relevance: Regular reviews to identify research needs and priorities that fulfil two main criteria: the relevance of the research to the chemical industry, and generating a better understanding of the impact of chemicals.

Responsible Care® pledges member companies to extend scientific knowledge through the conduct or support of research, to make continuous improvements in product stewardship through better testing and screening tools, and to support science-based public policy decisions.

Cefic-Lri Programme Responsible Care

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