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The programme cycle

About Cefic-lri - The program cycle

The LRI programme is a member-led initiative which depends on various bodies to provide additional expertise and help establish priorities.

The boards, panels and teams that make up the LRI’s organisational structure are composed of managers and scientific experts within the chemical industry or from independent organisations across Europe that share LRI’s aims and principles.


The programme cycle

The programme cycle is composed of 7 stages:

  • Identify scientific areas important to achieve better understanding of the impact of chemicals on health and the environment together with ACC and JCIA LRI partners under the auspices of ICCA
  • Review of the State of the Science (STOTS) for each identified area
  • Prioritise the research areas and potential projects for available funding
  • Prepare and publish Requests for Proposals (RfPs) in the priority areas
  • Select research projects for funding
  • Conduct monitoring and progress reporting
  • Review developments in science or societal concern, align/revise STOTS, and if necessary re-direct LRI research.


 Programme objectives

In order to maximise the success of its programme, LRI aims to:

  • Conduct high quality independent research at renown institutes
  • Where possible, conduct research in partnership with government agencies, academia, and independent research organisations
  • Develop new testing and screening tools to support risk assessment
  • Support informed regulatory and policy decision-making on chemicals management.
Cefic-Lri Programme Responsible Care

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