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EMSG59 – Developing a quantitative AOP for liver-mediated thyroid modulation after prenatal exposure to a xenobiotic compound in the rat

This project aims at understanding the consequences of chemical-induced changes in liver physiology on thyroid hormone balance and related adverse health effects. The project will focus on prenatal exposure and development of the foetus and new-born in the rat as […]

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ECO46 – Improved aquatic Testing and Assessment of cationic Polymers (iTAP)

The aim of this PROJECT PROPOSAL is to collate and update the existing global knowledge base on the available methods for the assessment of cationic polymers toxicity, fate properties as well as regarding their known descriptors used to develop Structure […]

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C6 – Toxicogenomic Approaches to Support Read-Across

Read-across is an old concept that is being increasingly utilized in chemical risk assessment. The basic premise for read-across is that compounds with similar chemical structure will have the same biological activity either because they are metabolized to a common […]

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C5 – XomeTox – evaluating multi-omics integration for assessing rodent thyroid toxicity

In combining an animal toxicity study with a multi-omics approach and advanced in silico methods for data interpretation, this project will contribute to “New research tools, such as […] genomics, present exciting approaches that have the potential to link information […]

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C4 – Transcriptomics bioinformatics best practices in toxicogenomics for regulatory application

This project proposal aims to regroup toxicogenomics experts to test and further develop a regulatory ODAF (R-ODAF) proposal for the toxicogenomics community with the ambition to enable the regulatory bodies to consider omics as a relevant data type to support […]

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B15.2: Development of an integrated risk management measure library

REACH and other European legislation require that companies demonstrate the safe use and control of hazardous substances. For this purpose, the quantitative efficiency of Risk Management Measures (RMM) is required to evaluate the operational conditions (OCs) that are part of […]

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B20 – Experimental assessment of inhalation and dermal exposure to chemicals during industrial and professional activities

The purpose of this project is to generate inhalation and dermal exposure data that can be used to evaluate ECETOC TRA worker exposure estimates for key industrial and professional uses of chemicals for PROCs where in previous validation studies the […]

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