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A1.2-UNAB: Database Of European Workplace Exposure Research Activities (HEROX)

Principal Investigator

Dr. John Cherrie
University of Aberdeen – Occupational Medicine
UK – AB25 2ZD Aberdeen

Tel: +44 131 667 5131
Fax: +44 151 667 0136


Dr. Sean Semple – University of Aberdeen – sean.semple@abdn.ac.uk
LRI Monitor: Dr. Chris Money – ExxonMobil


Cefic identified a need for an inventory of European research on human workplace exposure to chemicals. Access to this information is needed for setting safe occupational exposure limits and to help quantify economic and health implications of exposures. A database of research has been compiled containing information from 76 research organisations in 16 European countries on over two hundred research projects. Along with this resource, an on-line forum was established for people interested in human exposure research. An e-mail contact group of over 150 members is available and the web site contains details of scientific conferences, jobs, news, short scientific reports and other relevant information. During the first eight months of operation, the HEROX website received almost 4,000 hits. The resource is constantly being updated to meet the needs of stakeholders.

Related Publications

An interim report of progress is available at www.abdn.ac.uk/~oem148/news0204.hti

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