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A1.3-UNAB: Development Of A Database For Workplace Exposure Measurements

Principal Investigator

Dr. John Cherrie
University of Aberdeen – Occupational Medicine
UK – AB25 2ZD Aberdeen
john.cherrie@abdn.ac.uk Tel: +44 131 667 5131
Fax: +44 151 667 0136


Dr. Hans Kromhout – University Wageningen
Peter Ritchie, Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh
LRI Monitor: Dr. Chris Money – ExxonMobil


Measurement of human exposure at work forms the cornerstone of risk management strategies. With the advent of powerful computer databases these measurements have been collected in several parts of Europe, by industry, government agencies and others such as universities and consulting organisations. However, there has been little attempt to co-ordinate these efforts and so there is little opportunity to share data between organisations. In addition, there is no agreement as to which pieces of information should be collected and stored when measurements are made. For example, the detail of the work activities being undertaken, the size of the workroom and the presence of localised ventilation may all affect the measured exposure, although such information is often not recorded when exposure measurements are made. This study builds upon the experience of three of the key European research centres that are involved with measuring human exposure. Our aim is to provide a prototype exposure database that could form the basis for sharing workplace inhalation and dermal exposure data between the various stakeholders. During the work we will consult with representatives of industry, relevant government agencies, research organisations and others.

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