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ART-TNO: Phase 1: mechanistic model and Bayesian update

Principal Investigator

Dr. Erik Tielemans
Utrechtseweg 48
P O BOX 360
3700 AJ Zeist
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 306944990
Fax: +31 306944070


Joop van Hemmen, Wouter Fransman, Jody Schinkel, TNO Quality of Life, NL
John Cherrie, Peter Ritchie, Martie van Tongeren, IOM, UK
Nick Warren, HSL, UK
Martin Tischer, BAUA, DE
Thomas Schneider, BASF, DE
Hans Kromhout, IRAS, NL


Under REACH, the new chemicals policy in Europe, exposure scenarios form an essential basis for chemical risk assessment reports to show that chemicals can be used safely. This requires a tiered exposure assessment approach in which the first Tier is given by a conservative system and subsequent Tier(s) providing more refined exposure modelling for scenarios of concern. A case by case in-depth assessment requiring additional exposure measurements for each scenario of concern would be an extremely expensive process. Hence, a generic exposure assessment tool generating scientifically justified and realistic exposure estimates would significantly increase cost-effectiveness of REACH.

Currently, such a model is lacking under REACH and this project aims at the development of an advanced exposure assessment model to close this gap. A more robust and reliable way forward was indicated (Creely et al., 2005), making full use of mechanistically modelled estimates of exposure and any relevant measurements of exposure. The proposed approach follows a Bayesian statistical framework to integrate sources of information (Tielemans et al., 2007).

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ART: Advanced REACH Tool by Erik Tielemans, Nick Warren, Thomas Schneider, Martie van Tongeren, Martin Tischer, Peter Ritchie, Wouter Fransma, Hans Kromhout, Jody Schinkel, Joop van Hemmen and John Cherrie

Timeline: June 2008 > May 2009

LRI funding: €100,000

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