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B15-UCRAN: Developing a robust method of allocating efficiency measures to regulatory instruments in the chemicals industry

Principal Investigator

Prof. Len Levy
c/o Dr S Rocks, Building 42
School of Applied Sciences
Cranfield Unviersity

Cranfield, Bedfordshire
MK43 0AL
United Kingdom


Phillip Holmes, Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd. (RPA), UK, phil.holmes@rpaltd.co.uk
Tobe Nwaogu, Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd. (RPA), UK, tobe.nwaogu@rpaltd.co.uk
Andy Gillies, Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd. (RPA), UK, andy@gilliesassociates.co.uk
Anthony Footitt, Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd. (RPA), UK, anthony.footitt@rpaltd.co.uk
Sophie Rocks, Cranfield University, UK, s.rocks@cranfield.ac.uk
Derrick Crump, Cranfield University, UK, d.crump@cranfield.ac.uk
Ruth Bevan, Cranfield University, UK, r.bevan@cranfield.ac.uk
Lini Ashdown, Cranfield University, UK, l.ashdown@cranfield.ac.uk

Fred Coulon, Cranfield University, UK, f.coulon@cranfield.ac.uk


This project aims to improve the depth and availability of knowledge and understanding of the specific factors affecting the efficiency of risk management measure (RMM) to control human (worker and consumer) and environmental exposures that may result from the use of chemicals in the primary producing (chemical) industry and downstream users of chemical formulations and products (including the consumer) during their service-life, as well as at the waste stage.  In doing this, the following objectives will be addressed:

  1. Create a flexible data structure to collect and collate RMM efficiency information, building on previous work (e.g. Cefic/ECHA RMM library; BOHS);
  2. Approach holders of RMM efficiency information and incorporate this additional information into the database, taking appropriate measures to ensure the protection of intellectual property, confidentiality and commercial interests, and potential liabilities of both RMM manufacturers and users;
  3. Develop pooled estimates of theoretical (”as built”)’ and real life (”as used”) RMM efficiencies of classes of RMM’s to identify and characterise key determinants;
  4. Conduct verification studies under controlled and field conditions of selected RMM’s in order to substantiate efficiency classes; and

Create an updated and enhanced RMM library for use by the chemical industry.

Related Publications


S Rocks, B Georgalas, D Crump, P Holmes, A Gillies, T Nwaogu, K Garnett, F Coulon, R Bevan, L Levy. Developing a robust method of allocating efficiency measures to regulatory instruments in the chemicals industry. Cefic-LRI 16th Annual Workshop, November 2014, Brussels, Belgium.

Timeline: March 2014 > August 2015

LRI funding: € 249 099

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