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B3.7-HSL: The Rapid Generation And Analysis of Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Models (PBPK Model)

Principal Investigator

Dr. George Loizou
Health and Safety Laboratory
Broad Lane
UK – S3 7HQ Sheffield
Tel: +44 114 289 2698
Fax: +44 114 289 2698


Dr. Martin Spendiff – Computational Toxicology Section – Health Sciences Group – HSL
Dr. Eric Pryde – Exposure Modelling Section – HSL
Dr. Alex Hogg – Computational Toxicology Section – Health Sciences Group – HSL
Dr. Susan Franks – Computational Toxicology Section – Health Sciences Group – HSL
Dr. Anna Rowbotham – Computational Toxicology Section – Health Sciences Group – HSL
LRI Monitor: Dr. Gauke Veenstra – Shell Chemicals


The widespread use and acceptance of PBPK modelling has been advocated for many years, as this technique offers a more scientific and quantitative approach to chemical risk assessment, as well as offering the opportunity of a marked reduction in the use of animals in experimentation. However, the perceived complexity, data demands and the lack of expertise in evaluating PBPK models, particularly amongst toxicologists, have limited the take-up of this powerful approach. This project will address these issues and should facilitate the dialogue between industry and regulatory bodies as well as contribute the development of Good Modelling Practice. HSL has developed a software package which is currently at the’proof of concept’ stage. The package comprises a PBPK model equation generator (MEG) and a PBPK database of parameters. This project will aim to integrate the MEG with the database, improving the efficiency of the model development process. The MEG will also be improved and expanded, extending the scope of the modelling package. This project will further develop the capability to rapidly generate physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) models. HSL will make available the outcome of the research to the scientific, regulatory and industrial communities for evaluation and use.

Related Publications

Final report and publications expected for 2007.

Timeline: May 2004 > April 2007

LRI funding: € 302 328 (collaborative project involving LRI, the UK government and British industry)

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