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C2.2-HPAG: Description of the nature of the accidental misuse of chemicals and chemical products

Principal Investigator

Prof. G. Coleman
Colchester Avenue Penylan
Cardiff CF23 9XR
Tel: + 44 292 941 6852


Dr. Gerhard Heinemeyer – Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Germany
Mr. Nick Edwards – UK National Poisons Information Centre, Guys & St Thomas NHS Trust, UK
Ms. Heather Wiseman, – Medical Toxicology Unit, Guys & St Thomas NHS Trust, UK
Dr. Herbert Desel – Poisons Information Centre, University of Goettingen, Germany
Dr. Olaf Mosbach-Schulz -Institute for Mathematics, University of Bremen, Germany



The overall objective of this research project is:

– To describe the nature of accidental misuse of chemicals and chemical
products available to consumers and to put this information in the context of
overall estimates of accidental injury from chemicals.
– To identify sources of information that currently provide information on the
circumstances of exposure to chemicals and to assess the feasibility of
improvements, including opportunities for integrating different sources and
– To propose an information management structure that could be used to
collect, aggregate and describe the circumstances of exposure to consumer
chemicals in the European Region.
– To gather in a prospective study harmonised data on circumstances of
exposure and to investigate root causes of frequently reported events.
– To describe the different forms of risk management measures to reduce the
incidence of chemicals-related consumer injuries and assess the extent that
these have been evaluated previously and opportunities for future work.

Timeline: September 2006 > August 2008

LRI funding: € 300.000

Cefic-Lri Programme Responsible Care

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