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CC1-FOAR: Development of Criteria for Threshold Genotoxins: Interactions of Chemical Carcinogens With Cytoskeletal Macromolecules

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Hermann Bolt
Institut für Arbeitsphysiologie an der Universität Dortmund (IfADo)
Ardeystr. 67
44139 Dortmund
Tel: +49-231-1084-348
Fax: +49-231-1084-403


Prof. Dr. Eberhard Unger – Institut für Molekulare Biotechnologie e.V. (IMB), Jena

Dr. Ricarda Thier – Universität Dortmund – IfADo


This project will examine the ways in which chemicals that cause cancer and genetic damage interact with structural elements in human cells known as cytoskeletal proteins. Because proteins play a key role in cell division, interfering with their functioning can have far-reaching health impacts. Changes in cells will be assessed using techniques such as immunofluorescence, electron microscopy and video-supported light microscopy. This will show whether any toxic effects are linked to visible changes in the proteins. It is likely that any response would be related to the amount of chemicals present (a dose-response relationship.) If so, it should be possible to find threshold levels at which there are no adverse effects. These could be used to set health-based environmental and occupational standards, and might influence future regulations so that certain chemicals would no longer need to undergo current risk assessment procedures.

Related Publications

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in IMR-32 neuroblastoma cells
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Timeline: March 2000 > October 2003

LRI funding: €341,142

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