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ECO14bis-UNT: Alternative methodology for standard laboratory fish bioconcentration tests

Principal Investigator

Dr. Duane Huggett
University of North Texas
Department of Biological Sciences
Institute of Applied Sciences
1155 Union Circle #305250
Denton, TX 76203-5017
The United States of America
Tel: +1 940 891 6956
Fax: +1 940 565 4297


Tim Springer, Wildlife International, Ltd.
Kent Woodburn, DowCorning Corporation


The overall goal of this project is to recommend a scientifically sound and defensible minimalized experimental design for fish bioconcentration measurement.  This experimental design will meet the “spirit” of the OECD 305 protocol producing key regulatory data, but ideally will require less time, money and fewer animals to conduct. Two experimental approaches will be evaluated during this project; the first approach is based on sampling of fish only during the depuration period of a study, whereas the second proposed approach is based on sampling fish during the uptake phase of a study.

Related Publications

Publications are expected in 2011.

Timeline: September 2009 > March 2011

LRI funding: $100,054

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