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ECO1B-WRCN: Comparison of Marine and Freshwater Data and Test Methods Review of Literature – Phase I

Principal Investigator

Dr. Paul Whitehouse
Henley Road, Medmenham
Marlow Bucks, SL7 2HD
Tel: +44 1784 44 33 72
Fax: +44 1784 47 07 56


Dr. Mark Crane – Royal Holloway University of London
Dr. Chris Karman – TNO


The environmental risk posed by any new chemical produced or used in substantial quantities in the EU had to be assessed. This process involved estimating the concentration of the substance that could be present in water without harming aquatic life. For fresh water, it was usually based on laboratory data showing the effects of the chemical on freshwater organisms. For the marine (saltwater) environment there was often a shortage of data. This project investigated whether freshwater data could be used to predict effects in marine environments, and if so, whether this was possible for all chemicals. Data on the sensitivity of freshwater and marine organisms to the same chemicals were compared. The scope for computerised modelling was examined. In collaboration with regulatory authorities, researchers reviewed whether new toxicity test guidelines were helpful in estimating a product’s hazard to marine organisms.

Related Publications


JR Wheelera, EPM Grista, KMY Leung, D Morritt, M Crane, Species sensitivity distributions: data and model choice, Marine Pollution Bulletin 2002, 45, 192-202.

JR Wheeler, KMY Leung, D Morritt, N Sorokin, H Rogers, R Toy, M Holt, P Whitehouse, M Crane, Freshwater to Saltwater Toxicity Extrapolation Using Species Sensitivity Distributions, Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry 2002, 21, 2459-2467.

KMY Leung, D Morritta, JR Wheeler, P Whitehouse, N Sorokin, R Toy, M Holt, M Crane, Can saltwater toxicity be predicted from freshwater toxicity data?, Marine Pollution Bulletin 2001, 42, 1007-1013.


Timeline: October 1999 > November 2000

LRI funding: € 160,000

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