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ECO1C-TUD: Comparison of Soil and Sediment Ecotoxicity Data and Test Methods

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Roland Nagel
Institute of Hydrobiology
Dresden University of Technology
D-01062 Dresden
Tel: +49 351 463 5462
Fax: +49 351 463 7108


Dr. Kerstin Hund-Rinke – Fraunhofer-Institute
Dr. Monica Herrchen – Fraunhofer-Institute
LRI Monitor : Dr. Stuart Marshall – Unilever


Existing data on ecotoxicity of chemicals for water, sediment and soil varies widely in quality, quantity, validity, and how representative it is. This is due to environmental concerns having initially focused water, with soil and sediment taken into account only recently. Also, aquatic ecotoxicity testing is relatively easy, so there are more data for this compartment. This study will examine how aquatic toxicity data can be extrapolated for hazard assessment in soil and sediment. The study will focus on persistent and bioaccumulative organic chemicals, and on one metal compound. There will be four steps:
1. Review methods for soil and sediment testing
2. Evaluate methods for calculating organism exposure, and compare results from various soils and sediments;
3. Examine existing soil and sediment toxicity data;
4. Design experiments to fill identified data gaps. Methods will be developed to correlate, extrapolate and normalise predictions for water, soil and sediment.

Related Publications

Final Publications and Reports expected in 2004

Timeline: January 2001 > December 2004

LRI funding: € 424,000

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