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ECO26-RAD: Adapt SimpleTreat for simulating behavior of chemical substances during industrial sewage treatment

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dik van de Meent
Radboud Universiteit
Heyendaalseweg 135, Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 24 365 3284


Jaap Struijs, JSscience, NL, jaapstruijs@planet.nl


REACH Guidance for Chemical Safety Assessment makes use of mathematical simulation of the retention of chemical substances during waste water treatment. REACH R-16 describes the use of the model SimpleTreat, developed by Struijs and co-workers at RIVM, which simulates the behavior of chemical substances in communal waste water treatment plants. Without adaptation, the SimpleTreat model is less suitable for simulating the behavior in often-used industrial sewage treatment plants. For the purpose of making Chemical Safety Assessments under REACH, European Chemical Industry needs a simulation model that can be used to predict removal of chemical substances during industrial waste water treatment.

Radboud University Nijmegen carries out scientific research in cooperation with RIVM on various subjects, focused mostly on modeling fate of chemical substances in the environment. Radboud University has helped industry branche organisations, such as Cefic, Ecetoc and Concawe, to develop models that can be used in Chemical Safety Assessment under REACH. Cefic asks Radboud University Nijmegen to assist the Task Force “Improving the simulation of fate of chemicals in industrial wastewater treatment” in proposing scientifically defensible adaptions to SimpleTreat, aimed at improving the performance of the model with respect to simulation of industrial treatment processes. The work will be supervised by the Ecetoc TF.

The current project aims to deliver an adapted version of the SimpleTreat model, parameterized to simulate industrial waste water treatment, and describe this model in a scientific publication that can serve as documentation and justification of its use in Chemical Safety Assessments under REACH.

Related Publications

ECETOC Task Force, Cefic-LRI project ECO26 Adapting SimpleTreat for simulating behaviour of chemical substances during industrial sewage treatment by J Struijs, D van de Meent, R van Zelm, L Lautz, T Breure, E van der Grinten, D Schowanek, H Buchholz, P Mason, R Patoux, T Wolf, T Austin, P Mason, J Tolls, K van Leeuwen, M Galay-Burgos.

Timeline: October 2014 > June 2015

LRI funding: € 39 648

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