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ECO2A-ASTRA: Understanding and Measurement of Persistence in the Marine and Terrestrial Compartments

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jason Snape
Brixham Environmental Laboratory
Freshwater Quarry
UK – TQ5 8BA Brixham
Tel: +44 1784 44 33 72
Fax: +44 1784 47 07 56


Dr. Rudolf Amann – Max-Planck Institute
Dr. Eugene Madsen – Cornell University US
Prof. Niels Nyholm – Danish Technical University
LRI Monitor : Mr. Graham Whale – Shell Chemicals


The persistence of a chemical in the environment – how resistant it is to being broken down in nature – is hard to predict. Its tendency to build up in living organisms – to bioconcentrate or bioaccumulate – is similarly complex. Understanding these factors fully is nonetheless essential in assessing any risks to human health or the environment, and in developing regulations based on sound science. This project will investigate persistence and bioconcentration of a diverse range of chemical types, including man-made and naturally-occurring ones, in the oceans and on land. An open workshop will be held to discuss the literature in this area, and to select chemicals to be examined. Experiments will then be designed to find out how biological and non-biological processes lead to breakdown of chemicals under natural conditions. A second workshop will be held to examine new test methods developed during the project.

Timeline: December 1999 > April 2004

LRI funding: € 640,000

Cefic-Lri Programme Responsible Care

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