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ECO53 – CC-ALT: A Chemical Categorisation Approach for Long- Range Transport Assessment

Principal Investigator

Dr Knut Breivik
NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research
Atmosphere and Climate Department
PO Box 100
NO-2027 Kjeller
Tel. (+47) 63 89 80 00


Michael McLachlan, Stockholm University, SE, michael.mclachlan@aces.su.se

Frank Wania, Wania Environmental Chemists Corp., Toronto, CA, frank.wania@utoronto.ca


Some chemicals have the ability to undergo long-range transport (LRT) and may represent a potential risk to environmental and human health in remote areas. A number of modelling approaches and metrics have been developed in response to the need for science-based long-range transport potential (LRTP) assessment. However, the domain of applicability of simple screening criteria and early models motivated by regulatory needs is largely restricted to a sub-set of chemicals only, i.e. classical POPs and “POP-like” chemicals.

A key motivation of this project is to build trust in the ability of mechanistically based approaches to contribute to LRTP assessments, rather than simple screening criteria which do not differentiate substances according to their dominant deposition mechanism which dictates LRT. This project seeks to distinguish between four categories of chemicals that differ fundamentally in their LRT characteristics, and therefore require different, but complementary tools for LRTP assessment. Using a categorical approach, we will advance the state of science in LRT assessment by creating a structured framework for expanding the domain of applicability towards a much larger and diverse set of chemicals and we will specify the model development and other scientific advances needed to implement this framework.

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Timeline: May 2020 > April 2022

LRI funding: € 280 000

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