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EEM2: Validation of the Risk Assessment Module Against Observations and Against Other Models in the Context of EMEP POP Modelling Intercomparison Study

Principal Investigator

Dr Arthur Baart
Delft Hydraulics
Rotterdamseweg 185
PO Box 177
2600 MH Delft
The Netherlands


The ADEPT software is a quick assessment tool to calculate European concentrations and deposition of airborne chemical contaminants. In a tiered approach to risk assessment this could be the second or even first tier level. The model gives the result within seconds, based on country aggregated emissions and very limited data for the contaminant properties. The model was developed based on a much more advanced, well tested LOTOS model. Although the LOTOS model has been thoroughly validated and has been applied in numerous studies, the derivative ADEPT model has not yet been validated.
Currently there is a large research study, led by EMEP, with the topic: inter-comparison of atmospheric transport models. This grant allows the ADEPT model to participate in that study and profit from the already defined experiments, based on internationally accepted data sets (compound properties, European emission data sets and European wide measurements). The EMEP project is in it final year (the project ran from 2002-2006), ADEPT has been invited to participate and perform the calculations already done by the other participants, and join the experiments of the last year. Participation of ADEPT in this EMEP program allows both validation of the description of physical processes in the ADEPT model, a validation against measurements based on internationally agreed consistent sets of emission data, and shows the performance of ADEPT against other available models.

Related Publications

A Hollander, M Scheringer, V Shatalov, E Mantseva, A Sweetman, M Roemer, A Baart, N Suzuki, F Wegmann, D van de Meent, Estimating overall persistence and long-range transport potential of persistent organic pollutants: a comparison of seven multimedia mass balance models and atmospheric transport modelsJournal of Environmental Monitoring 2008, 10, 1139 – 1147

Timeline: October 2005 > October 2006

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