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EEM6-INTE: Development of the GREAT-ER II Extension Sediment Exposure Module

Principal Investigator

Mr. Frank Koorman
Intevation GmbH
Georgstraße 4
DE – 49074 Osnabrück
Tel: +49 541 335 08 35
Fax: +49 541 335 08 59


Joint project with University of Cranfield.


Development of a Sediment Exposure Module as an extension to the GREAT-ER II software. The prediction of sediment concentrations of chemicals in freshwater is a requirement of the EU Risk assessment (EU TGD). The current GREAT-ER software only calculates total concentration in water column. The extension of the GREAT-ER 2.0 and Desktop User Interface infrastructure will develop a means of assessing chemical concentrations in suspended and settled sediments with four levels of sophistication, according to the available input data. Development of more than one complexity level is consistent with the approach for the other modules in GREAT-ER. At all levels there will be four predicted concentrations: (a) dissolved, (b) sorbed to suspended sediment, (c) sorbed to settled sediment and (d) total water column concentration. This extension will handle model results for the sediment compartment and implement the results of Cranfield’s studies. Furthermore, tools will be developed to update GREAT-ER 2.0 installations with implemented packages of the GREAT-ER Sediment Exposure Module. The implementation of the GREAT-ER Sediment Exposure Module will be performed following Free Software concepts and will be released as Free software under the GNU PL.

Related Publications

The development progress and results will be frequently released under the project page: http://greater.intevation.org Final report and software expected for May 2005.

Timeline: July 2004 > May 2005

LRI funding: € 27 086

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