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EEM6-TECH: Develop a Concept for Externalising Databases From Arcview Which is Needed for GREAT-ER 2.0 to Allow a Full Pan-European Development

Principal Investigator

Mr. Jochen Rominger
TechniData AG
Dornier-Str. 3
D – 88677 Markdorf
Tel: +49 75 44 97 0 263
Fax: +49 75 44 97 0 110


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GREAT-ER II is a software development project. GREAT-ER means Geography-referenced Regional Exposure Assessment Tool for European Rivers and uses a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software for simulating substance distribution in river networks. The simulations output forms a basis on which risk assessments can be performed. GREAT-ER 1.0 demonstrated successfully the applicability of a geography-referenced modelling approach. The final version published in March 1999 superseded expectations when the project started in 1996. Our goal now is to provide: a modular system database (storing geography-referenced data as well as non-geography-referenced, e.g. substance data); a scaled set of user interfaces with GIS capabilities; and a model server providing operations on the data specified through the interface. In this way, GREAT-ER could be used as a screening tool or decision support system that may help to improve the quality of our rivers.

Related Publications

Project completed. See GREAT-ER web site
See also the Umweltbundesamt’s Advisory Opinion on the Exposure Assessment for substances based on Geo-referenced Computer Models

Timeline: April 2002 > September 2003

LRI funding: € 334,000

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