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EMSG12: Exposure to Endocrine-Disruptor Chemicals Assessed by Ligand-Receptor Interaction Analysis of Human Body Fluids

Principal Investigator

Dr. Andrew Povey
Victoria University Manchester
Oxford Road
UK – M13 9PT
Tel: +44 161 275 5232
Fax: +44 161 275 5595


The objective of the research was to determine whether the levels of binding between oestrogenic chemicals and pure oestrogen receptor could be quantified in vitro using ligand receptor interaction analysis. The hope was that such technology might be usefully applied to quantifying human exposure to oestrogens in epidemiological investigations. The first approach attempting to reproduce published reports on the interaction of the ligand/receptor complex with an oestrogen response element were unsuccessful. In a second approach interactions between ligand and oestrogen receptors were detected using a BSA-oestradiol and BSA-zearalenone conjugate as a competitor – although methodological problems still exist.

Related Publications

Pearson JE, Gill A, Margison GP, Vadgama P and Povey AC. Exposure to endocrine-disruptor chemicals assessed by ligand-receptor interaction human body fluids. Cefic Final Report, November 1999. Pearson JE, Gill A, Margisson GP, Vadgama P and Povey AC. A rapid receptor-ligand assay determination of estrogens using surface plasmon resonance. Sensors and Actuators B : Vol. 76, Issues 1-3, 1-7, 1 June 2001.

LRI funding: €46,788

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