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Principal Investigator

Dr Jan H. C. M. Lammers
TNO-Nutrition & Food Research
Utrechtseweg 48
P. O. Box 360
NL – 3700 AJ Zeist
Tel: +31 30 694 49 04
Fax: +31 30 696 02 64


Monitor: Dr Elard Jacob, BASF Ludwigshafen, elard.jacob@basf-ag.de


OECD Test Guideline Validation: to provide a set of defined test chemicals for the OECD test methods development for endocrine active chemicals and to guarantee that test method validation under OECD leads to reliable results by always using the same (batch of) test chemicals. Test Guidelines Development for Assessment of endocrine activity in Mammals are the Uterotrophic assay, the Hershberger Assay and the Short Term Repeat Dose Assay (OECD TG407 with enhancements) to detect (anti-)estrogenic, (anti-)androgenic and (anti-)thyroid activity of industrial chemicals. 

Related Publications


Kanji Yamasaki, Ryo Ohta, Hirokazu Okuda. OECD validation of the Hershberger assay in Japan: Phase 3. Blind study using coded chemicals. Toxicol Lett. 2006 May 25;163(2):121-9.

Timeline: November 1999 > July 2005

LRI funding: € 35 251, with contribution from JCIA

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