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EMSG34A: Validation of the OECD protocol for the surgical castrate rat (Hershberger) assay

Principal Investigator

Dr Alexius Freyberger
Bayer HealthCare


Dr Remi Bars, Bayer CropScience, remi.bars@bayercropscience.com
Dr Elard Jacob, BASF, elard.jacob@basf-ag.de
Dr Jim Freeman,ExxonMobil, jim.freeman@exxonmobil.com
Dr John Ashby, Syngenta CTL UK, john.ashby@syngenta.com


The objective of this project was the evaluation and validation of the Hershberger assay as part of the official OECD validation of this test method. This test, developed under the EDTA programme, is designed to help detect chemicals interfering with androgen receptor-mediated mechanisms. The effect of these selected chemicals will be measured through variation in weight of accessory sex glands and muscles in male rats. 

Related Publications


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LRI funding: €470,000

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