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IA4.6: A Rat IGE Test for the Identification of Chemical Respiratory Allergens

Principal Investigator

Dr. Rebecca Dearman
Syngenta Central Toxicology Laboratory
Alderley Park
UK – SK10 4TJ Macclesfield
Tel: +44 1625 514 561
Fax: +44 1625 590 249


Dr. Frieke Kuper – TNO Voeding


Some chemicals can induce allergies, including allergy of the lungs and other parts of the respiratory tract. (Examples include acid anhydrides, certain diisocyanates, some platinum salts, certain reactive dyes and plicatic acid). This is an important occupational health problem because exposure to certain chemicals in the workplace can cause long-lasting respiratory allergy, the symptoms of which may be severe. At present, our ability to predict whether a chemical is likely to cause respiratory allergy is hampered by the lack of suitable symptoms of respiratory distress provoked by inhalation challenge of guinea pigs. The purpose of this project is to develop a test to help identify more accurately those chemicals with potential to cause respiratory allergy and asthma in humans. The test will be based on the degree to which chemicals stimulate the rat to produce increased levels of serum IgE, a biomaker, which is central to the development of asthma and respiratory allergy.

Related Publications

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Timeline: May 2000 > April 2003

LRI funding: €175.655

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