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MIAT4-VITO: Assessing the Applicability of the Maximum Cumulative Ratio (MCR): Assessment for Mixtures in Residential Indoor Air Using Monitoring Data from European Studies

Principal Investigator

Ir. Rudi Torfs
Unit Environmental Risk and Health
Boeretang 200
BE-2400 Mol, Belgium
Tel: +32 14 335100
Fax: +32 14 580 523


Katleen De Brouwere, Christa Cornelis, VITO, BE
Derrick Crump, Paul Harrison and Terry Brown, Cranfield University, UK
Athanasios Arvanitis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE
Paul Price, Dow Chemicals
Matti Jantunen, THL / Department of Environmental Health


The objective of this project is to estimate the relative proportions of the real life exposures to residential indoor air contaminant mixtures in Europe which are (i) of low health concern (ii) of health concern because of the effects of one or more individual components, and (iii) of health concern due to cumulative effects but not for the effects of individual components. The current project targets non-carcinogenic effects of cumulative exposures.

The work will consist of four tasks:

  1. Identification, selection and compilation of the indoor complex mixture exposure datasets to be used in the assessment.
  2. Selection and – if necessary derivation – of the toxicology (and/or epidemiology) based regulatory concentration/exposure datasets to be used in the individual compound and cumulative Hazard Index (HI) values.
  3. Development of the spreadsheet database and computing tools for the individual compound and cumulative HI and MCR values, data input and results visualisation.
  4. Preparation of a manuscript for a peer reviewed journal and one or more presentations for the ISES [and/or another appropriate] Conference.

LRI funding: € 136.512

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