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MIAT1,2,3-DOW: A Tender to Develop Case Studies of the Application of the Cefic MIAT Decision Tree Using Monitoring Data from European Studies

Principal Investigator

Mr. Paul Price
Toxicology & Environmental Research & Consulting
1803 Building
Midland, MI 48674 USA
Tel: +1 989 636 5030
Fax: +1 989 638 2425


Marion Junghans, Oekotoxzentrum Eawag/EPFL  (OE)
Chris Watts Associates and WSC Environment (CWA)


This project will support the acceptance of the Cefic MIAT Decision Tree by identifying appropriate monitoring studies of chemicals in the EU and applying the Decision Tree to the data generated by the studies. The goal of this project is to demonstrate to experts in government and academia that the Decision Tree 1) can be applied to data from a wide range of European studies, including studies with large numbers of measured compounds, and 2) provides useful insights on the risks posed by exposures to combinations of chemicals. The project will investigate the application of the Decision Tree to both human health and ecological effects.

The project poses a number of administrative challenges. Monitoring data in the EU tend to be scattered across many agencies and organizations. Gaining access to the raw data from the surveys is also a challenge since many organizations only release summaries of monitoring data. Finally, human health and ecological toxicity criteria are not readily available for many of compounds identified in monitoring surveys. To address these challenges, the project team will include experts in environmental monitoring who are familiar with the governmental agencies and academic groups who perform such surveys and individuals with experience in the standard setting process. One such survey dataset has already been identified, (Robert Loos, Bernd M. Gawlik, Giovanni Locoro, Erika Rimaviciute, Serafino Contini, Giovanni Bidoglio. 2008. EU Wide Monitoring Survey of Polar Persistent Pollutants in European River Waters. European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability Contact information) and will be included in the project.

LRI funding: $ 97,500

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