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N4-WAG: Science-based grouping of nanoparticles for industrial application of safe-by-design

Principal Investigator

Dr Hans Bouwmeester
RIKILT- Wageningen URP.O. Box 230
6700 AE Wageningen
The Netherlands
Email: hans.bouwmeester@wur.nl


Dr. Robert Landsiedel, BASF Product Safety – Experimental Toxicology and Ecology BASF SE robert.landsiedel@basf.com

Dr. Andrea Haase, Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Department Safety of Consumer Products, Germany; andrea.haase@bfr.bund.de

Prof. Dr. Tomasz Puzyn, University of GdaÅ„sk, Faculty of Chemistry, GdaÅ„sk puzi@qsar.eu.org


Current practice is that Regulators evaluate the risk from nanoparticles along the whole value chain, from manufacture through application in products to end of life disposal. This project must provide clear input to the evaluation of nanomaterial value chains. Two examples will be used which are industrially important, nano-silica (SiO2) and nano-titania (TiO2). Cross cutting research must look at theoretical modelling studies as well as practical, laboratory investigations.

Dedicated theoretical work will develop nanoparticle model systems, as well as in-silico (QSAR) modelling, both of which will lead to an initial grouping of the nanoparticles. Models that will predict the interaction of NM with biological matrices (e.g. “clustering models”) should result.

The different data obtained from in vivo and in vitro testing will be evaluated. While the direct Mode of Action of a nanoparticle on different cell cultures can be assessed through in-vitro studies, the ability of particles to cross barriers is also key to understanding the potential toxicological impact of a nanomaterial. Grouping of particles based on in vivo or in vitro studies will result.

A major result of the project will be the prediction the behaviour of nanoparticles in different matrices, defining the important divisions or steps along a value chain. This fundamental knowledge will lead to a better control on the engineering and manufacture of nanoparticles and materials, as well as supporting safer use in the application of Safe by Design.

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Science-based grouping of nanoparticles for industrial application of safe-by-design, presented at the 16th Cefic-LRI Annual Workshop 2014

Timeline: March 2014 > March 2016

LRI funding: € 400.000

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