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Research on Biomarkers of Exposure continues to be a dynamic and expanding field of work. It has major
importance for the chemical industry because of the potential relevance that such markers have in the evaluation
and management of health risks. At present, however, research in the area is characterised by a lack of
consensus on the role and validity of different biomarkers.
CEFIC wishes to contribute to the science underpinning this area of research and to instigate appropriate
research via the Long-Range Research Initiative (LRI). However, there is an incoherent picture at present of the
status of different biomarkers and the work underway by different research groups. This information is
particularly relevant if industry might be expected to apply biomarkers in the everyday setting for assessing and
managing workplace and environmental health risks.


The objective of the proposed work will be to monitor and summarise key developments in both Europe and
elsewhere in the field of biomarkers of exposure in humans. These would include aspects such as new
biomarkers, analytical method developments, laboratory and field validation studies, and quality assurance and
control considerations. The anticipated work product will be a short report summarizing the status of biomarker
developments and highlighting areas of work that CEFIC might wish to consider sponsoring via LRI.
Depending on the findings and LRI programme priorities, the LRI Monitoring Team (MT) will consider the
authorization of annual updates.
CEFIC would wish to make the summary of research available to a wide audience in a freely accessible
manner. It would also wish to stimulate discussion within stakeholders, where appropriate, and to facilitate
progress through co-ordination and linkage with work in other areas or by related organisations. As such,
CEFIC welcomes innovative suggestions, which accommodate both the objectives relating to the scientific
developments of biomarkers, and those, which ensure their wider dissemination and acceptance.

Timing: It is anticipated that this project will commence in Q1/2002 and last for 12 months.

Cost: Estimated year 1 cost is $60,000 and $10,000 thereafter for each update if authorized by the MT.

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