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Development of Terrestrial Run-off Model


The incorporation of spatial and temporal information into the European Risk Assessment paradigm will lead to more scientifically based, more realistic and less conservative environmental risk assessment. In the long term, this will produce a more rapid environmental risk assessment procedure for specific compounds, and reduce the requirement for costly environmental survey and monitoring exercises.


Proposals submitted for consideration should follow the format of the application form'Application for a CEFIC-LRI Grant' and should address the following areas under individual sub-headings:

  • The title of the research proposal
  • The name and affiliation of the principal investigator and the laboratory or laboratories in which the research will be conducted
  • Evidence of the principal investigator's knowledge of, and contributions to, current understanding of database management, geo-referenced modelling, terrestrial fate and modelling and software developments
  • A clear definition of the research objectives, including a description of the proposed approach
  • A detailed plan of investigation, including a clearly defined milestone plan which identifies all the critical decision points in the research programme
  • A detailed breakdown of costs.

The successful applicant(s) will be required to submit a progress report every 6 months during the course of the programme. At the end of the project a detailed review of the project and the achievements made will be provided by the principal investigator. The successful applicant or applicants will also be required to prepare for publication a manuscript describing the work undertaken and the results achieved.



The project should include a review of existing terrestrial runoff software for suitability for incorporation in a spatially and temporally based risk assessment model. Current validation status, suitability for incorporation in a digital terrain model, adaptability to requirements of EU Member States, compatibility with existing models, and existing regulatory support/Adoption in EU, or any EU Member State, should be evaluated. The model selected should then be applied to a spatial and temporal river flow model. Participation in EU model development to an extent which will allow timely identification of similar programmes in other EU Competent Authorities is an essential part of the project. The completed model shall be supplied to Industry and to Competent Authorities for use in environmental risk assessment. Necessary support and documentation shall also be provided. Validation of the model shall form a second phase of the project, for which a review of existing data suitable for model validation will be required.

Cost: Estimated costs are a maximum of $230 000 for the first phase of the project. Validation costs for a proposed second phase will be additional.

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