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Establish the Framework and Operating System for a CEFIC-Supported Exposure Database


Representative, high quality exposure data forms the keystone upon which a soundly based human exposure and risk assessment process can be built. Exposure data and human activity information are fundamental to the successful validation of models and in helping define uncertainties. There is a need for general database of occupational exposures, including information on key target groups, including sensitive sub-populations. Suitable exposure models capable of integrating information characteristic of multi-source, multi-route exposures to estimate total exposure are currently unavailable.


Proposals submitted for consideration should follow the format of the application from'Application for a CEFIC-LRI Grant' and should address the following areas under individual subheadings:
The title of the research proposal.
The name and affiliation of the principal investigator and the laboratory or laboratories in which the research will be conducted.
Evidence of the principal investigator's knowledge of, and contribution to, current understandings of the potential role of exposure databases in the context of Product Stewardship, regulatory compliance and Existing Substances Risk Assessment.
Expertise in the collection of exposure data and related workplace information.
Familiarity with existing database software and relevant software developments in this area.
A clear definition of the research objectives, including a description of the mechanistic basis for the proposed research.
A clear plan of investigation, including a clearly defined milestone plan that identifies all critical decision points in the research programme.
A detailed breakdown of costs.
The successful applicant(s) will be required to submit a progress report every 6 months during the course of the programme. At the end of the project, a detailed review of the project and the achievements made will be provided by the principal investigator. The successful applicant(s) will also be required to prepare for publication a manuscript describing the work undertaken and the results achieved.


Establish the framework/operating system for compiling and managing an occupational exposure database capable of serving the general needs of industry.
Definition of the scope of in/outputs in the context of the uses to which the database can be expected to be put, e.g. Product Stewardship, regulatory compliance, Existing Substances Risk Assessment.
Assessment of the merits of existing and planned regulatory and in-house (mega-)databases e.g. BG Chemie (Ger), COLCHIC (Fr), NEDB (UK).
Identifying potential contractors/software vendors.
Establishing collaborative partnerships with other interested stakeholders.
The project should define supporting data needs and incorporate sufficient flexibility to account for future developments, e.g. the potential role of biomarkers of exposure.
Procedures (and supporting systems) will also need to be developed to address issues such as the practicalities of data acquisition and supply, data identification/ anonymity sensitivities, and confidentiality. For example, development of electronic data transfer would be a preferred mechanism for data supply and entry e.g. in an IUCLID compatible format

Timing: A period of 12 months,

Cost: Estimated costs of $200,000

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