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ART – Advanced REACH Tool

The Advanced REACH Tool (ART) version 1.0 incorporates a mechanistic model of inhalation exposure and a statistical facility to update the estimates with the user’s own data. This combination of model estimates and data produces more refined estimates of exposure and reduced uncertainty. ART is an outcome of the Cefic LRI-ART.2 sponsored project on chemical safety and risk assessment.


The tool is now available at www.advancedreachtool.com. Users are able to assess occupational exposure to dust, vapours and mists. The use of ART as a higher tier exposure assessment tool is described in ECHA’s updated REACH guidance, but ART can of course also be used in another context.

ART tool has been developed as a collaborative venture between TNO, HSL, IOM, BAuA, NRCWE and University of Utrecht. Feedback about the tool can be made via the ART website.


An ART training module is currently under development. Questions with respect to ART training sessions can be directed to the following e-mail address: marloes.vanderwal@tno.nl.


Advanced REACH Tool (ART) by Erik Tielemans (TNO)

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