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MOD-Finder – Multi-Omics Dataset Finder

It is a highly tedious task to collect omics data sets from different molecular levels such as transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome, to be used in a multi-omics data analysis. This is mainly because of a large amount of potential databases to search in, their non-unified querying system which results in a fairly large amount of manual work.

To surmount these obstacles, we developed the Multi-Omics Data set Finder (MOD-Finder) as part of the LRI-C5 Xome Tox project, an R Shiny application, to efficiently search for compound-related omics data sets in an automated manner. Therefore, several publicly available databases are automatically queried for data sets with relation to a user specified compound or toxicant. The results are presented in a plain datatable. The MOD-Finder application works as an easy-to-use webservice.


The application runs in a docker image and is currently hosted from the UFZ.
There, it is accessible as webinterface. To locally host the app, a docker environment is needed.
MOD-Finder was first released in January 2019.

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