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R-Vis – Open access PBPK modelling platform

The widespread adoption and application of physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modelling in product development and safety assessment has been hampered by criticism that these models are data hungry, resource intensive, complex and require high levels of mathematical expertise and programming skills.

The use of PBPK models would be enhanced by the availability of a user-friendly, transparent and independently auditable, free-to-use platform for running models and analysing model structure and output.

To address this need, an application called RVis was developed to run models written in MCSim and R, both free open- source syntaxes. The motivation for this tool is to provide an intuitive, freely available modelling platform for biologically based, quantitative safety and risk assessment of chemicals. An important feature is the prediction of human in vivo doses from alternative-to-animal systems. RVis includes a module for this purpose which deploys the most appropriate statistical techniques for dose reconstruction from human biological monitoring data and alternative-to-animal systems. Such a tool should make this powerful approach more readily accessible to safety toxicologists and risk assessors.

Hosting of RVis

RVis and a user-guide are available to download from the RVis repository hosted on GitHub here:


Users can download the latest version and post issues that arise that should be addressed.

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