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RepDose – Relational database on subacute to chronic toxicity

RepDose is a relational database on experimental NOEL/LOEL values for various repeated dose toxicity endpoints, developed by Fraunhofer ITEM as part of a project sponsored by Cefic LRI, B1.1: “Identification of Structure Activity Relationship (SAR) Alerts (Combination of Functional Groups) for Substances with Low NOELs (RepDose Database)”.

The content and structure of the database RepDose provide a sound basis to perform analyses on repeated dose toxicity. It currently contains quality-assured data on subacute to chronic toxicity from nearly 2300 studies on 655 chemicals. The data sources include well-known review series like WHO-EHC and German MAK, and original study reports (e.g. NTP). The focus so far was on oral and inhalation studies in rats or mice; harmonised glossaries describing targets/organs and observed effects were created for RepDose.

The RepDose website includes a tool with standard queries that are expected to be useful for the chemical industry in preparing dossiers and classifying compounds under REACH, GHS, and beyond. The database can be used for the evaluation of categories and the development of integrated testing strategies which are useful for the REACH process as well as for the refinement of toxicological concepts such as TTC.

Access to database

The RepDose database is available online at http://www.fraunhofer-repdose.de/.



Bitsch A., Jacobi S., Melber C., Wahnschaffe U., Simetska N., Mangelsdorf I. (2006). REPDOSE: A database on repeated dose toxicity studies of commercial chemicals – A multifunctional tool. Requlatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 46, 202-210.


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