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ECO21-ARC: Improving the performance and expanding the applicability of a mechanistic bioconcentration model for ionogenic organic compounds (IOCs) in fish (BIONIC)

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jon Arnot
ARC Arnot Research & Consulting Inc.
36 Sproat Avenue
Toronto, ON
M4M 1W4
Tel: +1 416 462 0482
Fax: +1 416 462 0482


James M Armitage, Trevor N Brown (ARC Arnot Research & Consulting)
Joop LM Hermens, Steven TJ Droge, Michiel TO Jonker (Utrecht University, IRAS)
Don Mackay (Trent University)
Frank Wania (University of Toronto at Scarborough)
Beate Escher (University of Queensland, Entox)


The general objective of this proposed research is to improve the mechanistic understanding of bioaccumulation of ionogenic organic chemicals (IOCs) in aquatic organisms, primarily fish, in the form of mass balance models and to increase the confidence of applying these new models for regulatory assessments. To satisfy this objective the project will:

  1. Use a mechanistic bioconcentration model for IOCs that we have recently developed and evaluated for fish to prioritize experimental testing and to provide a foundation to develop new mechanistic bioaccumulation models for IOCs;
  2. Further examine existing and developing literature related to IOC bioaccumulation;
  3. Develop new experimental data for key parameters related to the bioaccumulation of IOCs;
  4. Explore the development of new (Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships, QSARs) models to improve the parameterization of new bioaccumulation models for IOCs;
  5. Develop a tiered modelling approach for bioaccumulation of IOCs in fish based on the availability of data for model parameterization and evaluate the performance of these models;
  6. Facilitate the adaptation of the revised bioaccumulation models for IOCs into existing models used in screening tools (i.e., BCFBAF in EPI Suite/OECD QSAR Toolbox).

Timeline: April 2013 > March 2015

LRI funding: € 306.000


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