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Unlocking Innovation: ECETOC and Cefic-LRI’s Call for Collaborative Research Ideas

In 2024, ECETOC (the Centre for Chemical Safety Assessment) and Cefic-LRI (Long-Range Research Initiative) are teaming up once again to host their joint Scoping Meeting, on 24-25 September 2024, in Brussels. This meeting serves as a platform for experts to propose and discuss activities and scientific topics, fostering cross-sectorial and multi-disciplinary collaborations.

A Call to Action

ECETOC and Cefic LRI are actively looking for suggestions and ideas for new research topics to be explored through collaborative efforts. For this year’s meeting, the scope is broad, welcoming innovative proposals that align with strategic themes such as:

  • AI/Big Data and predictive (eco) toxicology
  • Exposure
  • Safe and Sustainable by Design
  • Neurotoxicity and immunotoxicity

These research topics can be pursued through different initiatives from 2025 to 2026, bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds. Particularly with Cefic-LRI, top ideas could potentially lead to future funding proposals. Experts could also be involved in creating these proposals or engage with the funding selection process.

How to submit an idea

Interested parties should submit proposals in the areas mentioned above—or in any other area where ECETOC or Cefic LRI’s multi-stakeholder collaborations could offer added value. The deadline for submitting ideas is February 25, 2024.

For more information on the scoping meeting and how to submit a proposal, please visit:https://www.ecetoc.org/event/ecetoc-2024-scoping-meeting/

Proposal selection and next steps:
  • The ECETOC and Cefic LRI Scoping Meeting Organising Committee will review all submitted proposals to identify those suitable for further consideration.
  • If your proposal advances to the Scoping Meeting on September 24-25, 2024, you (or a representative) must attend in person to present it briefly.
  • During the meeting, proposals will undergo discussions and refinement in breakout groups. An indicative vote will be held to prioritize proposals.
  • Prioritized proposals will undergo review by either the ECETOC Scientific Committee or the Cefic-LRI Issue Team.
  • If your proposal is endorsed, you will be invited to lead its implementation, collaborating closely with ECETOC or Cefic-LRI.

For questions, please contact Andrea Salvadori at: andrea.salvadori@ecetoc.org

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