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ISES 2022 Annual Meeting

The ISES 2022 Annual Meeting "From Exposure to Human Health: New Developments and Challenges in a Changing Environment" will take place on September 25-29, 2022, in Lisbon, Portugal.

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SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting

The SETAC Europe 32nd Annual Meeting will take place on 15-19 May 2022, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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SOT 2022: 61st Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

The 61st Annual Meeting and ToxExpo organised by the Society of Toxicology (SOT) will take place from 27 to 31 March 2022, in San Diego, California (US).

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Online Expert Workshop “Recent Developments in Sediment Toxicity Testing”

Discussions will take place in separate breakout sessions, focusing on different sub-topics (UVCBs, PPPs, field-contaminated sediments, regulatory aspects, modeling), followed by a plenary, integrative discussion. The overall results of the workshop may serve as a blueprint for future directions and […]

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11th World Congress on Alternatives and the Use of Animal in the Life Sciences

The 11th World Congress on Alternatives and the Use of Animal in the Life Sciences (WC11) will be held in Maastricht (NL), from 22-26 August 2021.

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Webinar: New QSARs for key TK parameters in mammals

This webinar will provide an introduction to QSARs for key TK parameters in mammals, as well as a demo of a new software for predicting in vitro biotransformation rates in mammals including new QSARs validated following OECD guidance for applications […]

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QSAR 2021 Virtual Conference

The QSAR 2021 virtual conference will be held on June 7–10, 2021. The conference will include content discussing both traditional QSARs and New Approach Methodologies (NAMs), with the goal of promoting understanding and use of these transformative scientific methods in […]

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Webinar: New in vitro and in vivo TK databases for mammals and an on-line platform

This webinar will focus on large, critically evaluated in vitro and in vivo toxicokinetics (TK) databases for mammals.

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Webinar: Integrating Bioaccumulation Assessment Tools for Mammals (iBAT-Mam)

This webinar will give an overview of the new Bioaccumulation Assessment Tool (BAT) Ver.2.0, introduce a generic, tiered PBTK modelling framework for mammals, as well as applications and case studies for mammals.

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CRAC-HCF 2020 Virtual Forum

The CRAC-HCF 2020 Virtual Forum will explore the theme "Towards a More Synergic Future", with the aim of bridging knowledge and communication gaps across regions and share innovative and value-added regulatory, policy and market insights.

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