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16th Cefic-LRI Annual Workshop 2014

Start date: 19 Nov. 2014

End date: 20 Nov. 2014

The Long-Range Research Initiative Programme (LRI) of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) is organising its 16th annual workshop to discuss what’s needed to streamline the science argumentation and consensus process.

The workshop will also showcase the results and outcomes of several LRI projects completed in 2013-2014. The key areas of discussion will be the impact of the LRI projects with focus on exposure, biomonitoring, toxicogenomics, sediment transformation, dose-response, and benefit-risk analysis .

For more details, you may download the final programme.

Download the complete LRI Workshop 2014 Summary.

The workshop is taking place at the Sheraton Brussels Hotel, Place Rogier 3, B-1210, on 19 and 20 November, 2014.


1. “Science stakeholders consensus: what’s the trick? – Welcome and outline, outlook on LRI long-term challenges refocus“, Stuart Marshall, Unilever

2. “ECO18-Eawag: Developing improved strategies to assess chemical persistence at the water-sediment interface“, Kathrin Fenner, Fraunhofer, Eawag

3. “B7-ETHZ: Validation of a tiered approach to aggregate exposure modelling“, Natalie von Götz, ETH Zurich

4. “B9-VITO: Project overview DRESS – Dermal Esposure aSseeement Strategies”, Suzanne Spaan, TNO

5. “B10-ICL: Reference doses: animal or human data … or both?”, David R. Jones, University of Leicester

6. “HBM4-VITO: Representativeness of a single biomonitoring sample“, Roel Smolders, VITO

7. “S2-IOM: Foresight study on the introduction of new technologies: the case of nanotechnology“, Steve Hankin, IOM

8. “Complex science – simple decisions“, Gernot Klotz, Cefic

9. “Closing remarks“, Bruno Hubesch, Cefic-LRI

Scientific posters:

  1. AIMT4-VITO – DECO2 Moving from DECO towards OECD
  2. B13 – Development of a mechanistic framework to assess dermal absorption of chemicals
  3. B14 – Skin sensitisation – chemical applicability domain of the LLNA
  4. B15 – Method of allocating efficiency measures to regulatory instruments
  5. C3 – Epigenomic profiling of liver tissue with toxicological relevance
  6. ECO23 – Time integrative passive sampling combined with toxicity profiling
  7. ECO24 – Prediction of the formation of NER of xenobiotics and their metabolites
  8. ECO25 – Development of Soup tests for risk assessment
  9. EMSG58 – Human adverse health effects of endocrine active substances
  10. N4 – Science-based grouping of nanoparticles for industrial application of safe-by-design
  11. Q3 – Sound science – selective citation in science based decision-making
  12. S3 – Development of a regulatory framework to enhance the acceptance of innovative chemical technologies


Day 1: poster session and cocktail reception

20141120_LRI_0011 20141120_LRI_0012

20141120_LRI_0019 20141120_LRI_0048

20141120_LRI_0056 20141120_LRI_0050

20141120_LRI_0031 20141120_LRI_0030

20141120_LRI_0087 20141120_LRI_0101


LRI Award ceremony

20141120_LRI_0158 20141120_LRI_0161

20141120_LRI_0167 20141120_LRI_0138


Day 2

20141120_LRI_0120 20141120_LRI_0188

20141120_LRI_0206 20141120_LRI_0213

20141120_LRI_0224 20141120_LRI_0256

20141120_LRI_0249 20141120_LRI_0217

20141120_LRI_0235 20141120_LRI_0226

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