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1st IndusChemFate Workshop

Start date: 22 Jun. 2010

Inhalation and/or dermal exposure may lead to uptake in the body. PBPK-modelling can estimate the level of a chemical in body tissues and body fluids following inhalation and/or dermal exposure. Generic PBPK-models contain algoritmes as QSPRs (=Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships) for blood:air and tissue:blood partitioning. That is why such a PBPK model can be used even when experimental partition characteristics of a compound are lacking.

IndusChemFate is a newly developed generic PBTK (Physiologically Based Toxicokinetic) model for the derivation of human biomonitoring equivalent guidance values (BEGV) for multiple (data-poor) chemicals. It is a first tier or screening tool that requires a minimum of input data. It makes it possible to estimate biological monitoring guideline values as equal to airborne limit vales. In addition, it may be of value in route to route extrapolation in regulatory toxicology.

This 1-day course is designed to introduce participants to the background of this tool. The participants will get insight in how to convert inhalation and dermal exposure to organ and tissue concentrations.

The course will cover:

– Explanation of the Generic PBPK Tool: IndusChemFate
– The rapid calculation and visualization of body tissue and fluids concentrations after inhalation and dermal exposure using IndusChemFate as developed as a software tool in MS-Excel.
– Training in real life application of IndusChemFate for workers exposures.
10:00               Opening
10:00 – 12:00   Lay-out of the generic PBPK model
                         Instructions for use of the Excel software programme
12:00 – 14:00   Lunch
14:00 – 17:00   Training in application of IndusChemFate
                         Various exercises with inhalation and dermal exposure
                         Comparing published experimental data of biomonitoring with model simulations
17:00 – 17:30   Evaluation of the generic PBPK model, suggestions for further developments
17:30                Closing

Presenters include:

Dr. Wil ten Berge : wtberge@planet.nl, a toxicologist with over 30 years experience in modelling and toxicology
Dr. Frans Jongeneelen : frans.jongeneelen@industox.nl, an occupational hygienist/toxicologist with 25 years of experience in human biomonitoring and chemical risk assessment.

Who should attend?

– Industrial professionals responsible for conducting or evaluating risk assessments on consumer and occupational exposure to chemicals.
– Occupational health professionals.
– Toxicologists interested in physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling

The IndusTox IndusChemFate Workshop will take place on 22 June 2010 at Cefic offices in Brussels. Click here to download the flyer of the workshop. For more information and registrations please contact: frans.jongeneelen@industox.nl. Click here to view the poster of the IndusChemFate model.

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