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21st century approaches to toxicity testing, biomonitoring, and risk assessment

Start date: 16 Jun. 2008

End date: 17 Jun. 2008

The emergence and rapid development of new tools for biomonitoring and toxicity testing can provide a significant opportunity to improve our ability to perform risk assessments. The International Council of Chemical Associations Long-Range Research Initiative (ICCA-LRI) has sponsored a workshop to stimulate innovative approaches to the assessment of risk, with emphasis on research, development, and application of advanced methods, on communication of the data generated by these new tools, and on understanding the relevance of the data for human health.  

The workshop focused on:
1. Human Biomonitoring – Showcasing new approaches to quantitative and qualitative interpretation of biomonitoring data.
2. Advanced technologies – Evaluating the applications of advanced methods in toxicity testing/molecular screening using genomics and high-throughput testing/screening in the context of systems biology.
3. Risk assessment – In light of these technological advancements, identifying how the science of risk assessment needs to be modernized to better inform public health decision making.

Posters were presented from current research conducted in Europe, the United States, and Canada, displaying projects related to genomics, toxicity testing, exposure science, and the interpretation of biomonitoring data.

Check out the summary report.

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