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2nd European Exposure Science Strategy Workshop

Start date: 4 Jul. 2019

End date: 5 Jul. 2019

Registration is now open for ISES Europe 2019, the 2nd European Exposure Science Strategy Workshop, which will take place on 4-5 July 2019, in Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

ISES Europe 2019 aims at finalizing all steps and key actions for creating a European Exposure Science Strategy by 2020 with an implementation roadmap and goals for 2020-2030.

ISES Europe 2019 has 3 goals:

  1. Finalise the 6 thematic action plans as input to complete the European Exposure Science Strategy
  2. Define ISES Europe working group actions plans and roadmaps for several exposure sub-themes
  3. Discuss strategy implementation and way forward for ISES Europe to support European policy & research agendas

For more information on the program overview including pre-conference courses, registration, abstract topics and submission, look at  http://ises-europe.org.


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